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Moments that turn small experiences into sensuous  pleasure…...

This is, of course, only possible with the relevant experience and qualifications.

I have run my own cosmetics practice since 1990 having successfully completed my diploma. By keeping up with the latest methods as well as investing in the newest technology I can guarantee that you will receive first class treatment and advice.
What can be achieved with cosmetics has changed drastically over the years as the scope has widened.
To add to the classic cosmetic treatments such as special facial treatment for Him and Her, we can offer other treatments, including massage-therapy, like wellness or sport massage, diamond-micro-dermabrasion, ultrasonic treatment, wellness, new make up trends, paraffin treatment and hot-stone massage.
Spoil yourself in our oasis with a spa treatment!
Constantly under stress? However busy you are, we will send you to your next appointment feeling fresh and relaxed.
We will be happy to meet you.
For more information please call.
Naturally, we only work with top class brands from well known manufacturers who constantly control the standard of their products. This in turn guarantees you an A1 product.
Relax and enjoy! You are worth it!

Your professional beautician,

Cornelia Kaplan-Lorenz